Chloe Jealousy

So I’m not doing much at work right now, mainly because I’m debating about just going home. I feel a little mushy-headed, and generally if I try to do anything requiring brains while mushy-headed, it doesn’t go well. At this point, I’m mainly waiting on a couple of people to send me stuff and that will be the trigger for me to do something.

Anyways, I was reading the 24 recaps. The other night, I joked with Scott about getting him one of the “C:>HLOE” t-shirts on GlarkWare after he was expressing some Chloe-love, and he said something about how he doesn’t like her…he just wants to fuck her. Or something like that. Typical me-him banter stuff. But strangely, I feel intense jealousy hatred toward Chloe now. Like, I’m more threatened by him wanting to do her than I am when he wants to fuck Tara Reid. Unusual.