Sitcom-like Superpowers

I always manage to save the day right at the nick of time. It’s 2:43pm. The stuff that I was wigging out about, because a group of 5 engineers was saying it would take them 2 weeks to do and I needed to do it today….yeah, it’s all done. Amazing what I can do when I sit down, ignore e-mail, and just work. Either that or amazing how much BS is padded into estimates around here. This is not to say that I don’t have other stressful crap pending…I do…but the 2 big huge things I was scared about…all done. And Scott and I made up last night. We even bought our wedding bands last night. We had previously gone shopping at Gurnee Mills, mainly because that place is a haven of low priced jewelry stores…and let’s be pragmatic…a gold band is a gold band is a gold band. We did want something a little fancy, in part because Scott had a plain gold band in his last marriage, and in part because I’ll be wearing it by itself on my right hand (my e-ring will stay alone on my left). We had shopped at the Mills a few weekends back, and we were kind of wishy-washy until we got to one last store. We saw one there that we both really liked. It had a comfort band. It was two-tone. It was really neat looking. But we held out to double check the price on the internet.

Sure enough, the internet was more expensive. We were procrastinating on going back to the store and placing the order after learning that. I had some shopping to do in the Mills over the weekend though, and while I was walking by the store, I saw giant “going out of business” signs. Eek! I called Scott…we decided to go to the store on Monday (last night) to find out if they happened to have the one we liked in stock, since we knew they definitely wouldn’t be placing orders. They normally “discount” the sticker price by 40%, and they were discounting the prices by 70% for going out of business. We figured even if they didn’t have the ones we originally liked in our size, they might have another one we like in our size, and we’d get it at a pretty super discount. And, we were right. We ended up with one that goes for around 1K for the set on the internet, but we paid a little less than $400 for both including tax. Go us! 🙂

Before anyone freaks and thinks we were taken in by someone evil passing off bad stock, the only downside of these is that they’re the samples. They’re 14K white and yellow gold. This store also has a pretty good reputation, and I’d actually gone to them before to re-size Scott’s engagement watch. The store owner was the one working. She said it’s really sad because they’re a family business that has been in the Mills for almost as long as it’s been there, but that they keep jacking up the rent, and the price of gold has gone up since 9/11 to the point that they can’t afford to operate on the margins that they used to. Anyways, jewelry is marked up hugely in general, so I don’t think we got ripped off. I think we just stumbled on some good timing. Yay. 🙂