Need hugs

I’m just having a really bad day today I think. I haven’t gotten anything done that I wanted to get done. Well, change that. I’ve gotten a couple of things done. But nowhere near as much as I wanted to. Scott’s mad at me because…well, probably for very justifiable reasons. I got a call from my boss at work (today’s a company holiday), because of a work thing that is basically not going well. And that’s not my fault, but it is a project I’m managing, so yeah, it is pretty much my fault. Because this project is fucked up, I’m going to end up fixing it tomorrow. I’m not likely going to have very much time to do so, but I’ve got to do *something*, because as it is, it isn’t going to fly. And I wrote a much longer post than this, deleted all of it except the above, and decided this would do. I’ve been sobbing while typing, which is never a good thing, but it is therapeutic, I guess.

What sucks is that all of this stupid emotion has kept me from doing things, which will then cause me to feel inadequate and depressed, which will then lead to more emotion, etc. etc. etc.