PvP meh and a juror update

PvP has become my favorite online comic strip (replacing Sluggy Freelance), but today’s strip irked me. The author made a continuity mistake, explained said mistake in his blog, and then decided it wasn’t a mistake after all in part because he liked the joke too much to fix the error. Is this what happens with the TV continuity glitches that drive many of us insane? I’d rather he have just decided that Max can see Skull after all…or that Max had a suspension of disbelief because he was RPGing or whatever. But to say that breaking continuity in an ongoing storyline is okay because you like the joke enough? Meh.

I’ve been in four trials to date for jury duty. Only one of them came to a verdict. I have another one tomorrow, for which I have to report at 8:30am (argh). I can’t talk about the verdict one on here until after Friday, because the blog is a Google-able source…but those who chat with me on the phone will hear me ramble about it if they ask. It was really pretty fun. The only crappy part about jury duty, IMO, is that I also have a job to do. If my employer (and everyone’s employer) just accepted jury duty and didn’t give people crap to do during that week, it might not be such a hardship.

And FYI, apparently in Lake County, you can be on as many trials as they can get you into during your week of service, whether they all come to a verdict or none of them do. This is a busy week for them. Usually, if you manage to get on a trial that goes to verdict, you’re done simply because they have enough jurors to fill any remaining juries. Just wanted to dispel that myth quickly. 🙂