More on juries

So, I ended up working all day today, as the state of IL didn’t actually need me yet. They will need me at 9am tomorrow though. I’ve listened to their automated message four times now, and it’s funny because they change it a little each time. The first time, it was just the basics: who needs to show up and when and where. The second time, it included a reminder that you have to call back to check to see if you’re needed at a later time. The third time, it included tips on what to wear, as well as the reminder from the second time. This latest time, it said “Bringing your cellphone, laptop, and work materials with you is not only allowed but encouraged. Please feel free to make the most of your time while awaiting trial assignment.”

What’s also funny is that they only needed 230 people today, but tomorrow, they’re asking a little less than 800 to show up. Busy trial day, I guess. 🙂