Going Back

I’ve been on vacation just long enough to not want to go back to work. 🙁

Things I’ve done while on vacation:

* Played games, especially Railroad Tycoon (the board game) which is a new favorite
* Was a lazy bum
* Finished wedding invitation prep to 90% mark (with help of sweetie)
* go to Las Vegas, celebrate New Year, meet and reject the last and final Rabbi (see the post here (and read comments) for details)
* Played GTA3 after some discussion on Thurs. night reminded me of it
* Did *not* exercise. Bad JC.
* Went to glowtastic birthday party on Saturday that was nifty
* Became Wikipedia addict
* Watched 2 movies: Closer, March of the Penguins.
* Played online bridge
* Checked work e-mail briefly. 🙁 Was horribly daunted by huge number of e-mails.