I’m in NJ today. This is my last NJ trip for the year though (yay!), and I’ll be home in time to watch the TAR:FE finale with my sweetie. 🙂 Life is good. Let’s just hope it stays that way. The reason I’m here today is to do a meeting that I can absofuckinglutely guarantee will not be fun. And, I’m flying solo on this one…no friendly faces to back me up. The meeting is right after lunchtime, so I plan to have a good lunch. I’m currently camped out in the Starbucks near the offices of the company that shall not be named, sipping Colombian coffee and getting work done. Rental car is a Monte Carlo, which I’m told is an upgrade from my usual status. I liked the PT Cruiser better. The Monte Carlo’s pedals are really hard to reach, even with the 6-way seat configured.