Aeon Flux/Syriana

We recently did a double movie of Aeon Flux and Syriana. The original plan had been to do Syriana and Narnia, but after seeing Syriana, we couldn’t handle a dry movie that might ramble and/or make us think too much.

If you’ve seen Traffic, Syriana is similarly constructed. Instead of showing the problems of the drug war, it shows the problems of the oil war. I thought the former Dr. Bashir did an excellent job with his character, and I think I’d have liked the movie better if it was focused on him instead of jumping from character to character so damn much. Scott & I both left feeling like we needed the Cliffs’ Notes. Aeon Flux, OTOH, was a candy-coated delight. I loved the cartoons on Liquid TV. I’m not a fan of Charlize…I don’t find her hot at all, and especially after seeing her play the mentally challenged Rita on Arrested Development, I have a hard time seeing her as anything else. 🙂 Still, you can’t avoid a reaction to the infamous Flux lingerie. I found the fight scenes disappointing, but the fact that the movie felt like an assembly of live-action performances of the cartoons tells me they did a pretty good job. I need to re-watch the cartoons though. I don’t remember the sister coming up in the cartoons, but it may just be my memory.