From snow to snow

Flew from Newark to Chicago today. I’m told Chicago had a snowstorm last night. NJ had one this morning. Took me 90 minutes to do what is normally a 30 minute trip to the airport. Suburban NJ does not handle snow anywhere near as well as suburban Chicago…well, that may be unfair. It was snowing during rush hour so maybe they just couldn’t get plows out. I ended up going the wrong way on an interstate exit ramp because the entrance/exit were so snowed in that I couldn’t tell where one began and the other ended. Fortunately, the PT Cruiser I was in handled the U turn admirably. I’d called American Airlines the night before, so I knew that the 8am flight (on which I was booked) was cancelled. I’m very glad I did that, because it also meant I re-booked immediately for the 10:15am. Others on that 8am flight were not so lucky. It was also good that I didn’t try to make the 6am. It was probably a mostly empty flight. One of my work companions was supposed to be on it, but his drive took 2 hours (from roughly the same distance as me), and he missed his flight. Point being, I would not have anticipated 2 hours, so I would have missed it, and I would have been sleepy at the airport waiting for the 10:15 flight. As is, I got to sleep in a cozy bed until 7:30am.

Still, it was frantic trying to make it to the airport when your commute takes 3 times the normal duration. And then, my flight sat at the gate for almost 2 hours. First, it sat because some of those 8am folks were getting on. Then, they had to get those folks’ luggage on. Then, they had to de-ice. And finally, we had to wait for a spot in the line-up to depart. The pilot sounded ticked off when he was telling us about each thing…like he was as annoyed as we were. I like it when the pilots aren’t mindlessly jolly. Maybe he had plans for the afternoon that he was becoming late for. 🙂 I finally got into ORD around 2pmCT, had wings with my sweetie, went low-carb shopping, and came home. No work for me today…just flying. I should have worked, and I’ll end up logging on at some point to take care of stuff, but it was the last thing on my mind when I finally got home.