One More Thing!

It snowed enough yesterday to warrant shoveling! We shoveled and salted yesterday evening, but as it wasn’t wet snow but instead powdery stuff, it was a relatively easy task. Scott & I have a system worked out, too. I do the walkway and steps while he starts on the driveway. Then, I come behind him on the driveway and do “cleanup”…shoveling the little strips that get left behind by his criss-crossing. And finally, we both work the end of the driveway, where the snowplows always make a deeper snowpile than the rest of the driveway.

For the record, I still think snow is kick-ass. I stopped once while shoveling to just look around at how pretty it was. It’s so sparkly. You don’t expect the sparkliness, because it doesn’t show up in photos or movies. But, for those who haven’t seen it, snow sparkles like it has diamonds scattered through it. Very pretty.