I guess I’m feeling verbose today.

iTunes is awesome. I just spent about 20 minutes paging through the “My Groove” section in iTunes Essentials. I started out looking at the Essential White Stripes (because after hearing them on Daily Show, I got curious). After getting a sampling from there, I checked out the Morning Motivation collection and the Afternoon Energizers. For those who aren’t on iTunes, the Essentials are basically playlists of songs within the iTunes library, collected by mysterious winged monkeys at Apple for your listening pleasure. Even better, within each Essentials playlist, there are three groupings. The first group is like an intro set or “best of”. The second group is if you want to get a little deeper into the artist/category. The third group is even deeper. And lastly, they provide a listing of everything in the Essentials set. So, for White Stripes, the first group is basically the stuff you’ve heard on the radio plus a few of their more approachable songs. The second group has alot from Elephant and their latest album. The third group has their earlier stuff. By the time I sifted through it, I felt much more comfortable in buying a few of their albums, because I knew I liked most of what I heard.

In other news, we had a minor wedding related emergency yesterday. Our room block for our guests is through a casino host. That allowed us to get a rate that is like a third of the normal rate. Our host left the LVH about a month ago, so now we’re dealing with a new host…but lucky for us, the new host is actually a host we’ve dealt with before when we stayed at Bally’s/Paris for the Mensa convention. So, in addition to having our LVH history in front of him, he also *might* remember us as big players from that other trip. Anyways, these are good things. The bad thing is that our previous host had set up the block for us, but the new host couldn’t find it in the system. Being a good host, he made arrangements to block rooms for us, but he wanted alot more info than the previous host did (argh) and he wanted it ASAP because (as expected) the hotel is filling up for that weekend due to the Final Four. So, we spent Saturday calling the people who had previously confirmed for some extra info and getting info from family members who had verbally said they wanted a room but hadn’t given us info yet. And it sucks (for me at least) because we have to ask for some personal stuff, and I feel bad asking. But, as of this moment, we have it all taken care of, and within a week or so, everyone in the block will be able to call the hotel directly to change their reservations if needed. (With our previous host’s arrangement, everything was going to have to be through us up until a month before the wedding.) Yay.