14th hour

Last night, I crashed around midnight. Woke up at 4:30amCT this morning. Flew to NJ, just barely made my 6:37am flight, because I had thought it was at 6:45am…and there was a self check-in printer mishap that also screwed me. Couldn’t sleep on the plane due to the adrenaline from rushing to the gate. Landed in NJ, conducted several meetings successfully with the team from Korea (this is their week here…similar to my week there), handled pending e-mails…enjoyed company of my manager. So, basically, I’m on my 14th hour (or so) here…having just gotten settled into my hotel (the lovely Doubletree in Somerset). I skipped lunch, but I made up for it at a Chinese Buffet near the office. I feel a little badly that I’m not being as helpful to the Korea folks as they were to me…I was so rushed with things to do that I didn’t take them out to lunch…see skipping lunch item above. I’m about to sit on the bed, turn on some TV, and sort through stuff for tomorrow. I’ll be here until Friday afternoon, and I hope to catch up on some sleep tonight, but the massive amount of Diet Pepsi I drank with dinner might make that harder than it seems.

Other interesting note: I’m driving a giant-ass Ford Expedition as my rental car. It took me three tries to get it backed out in the buffet parking lot, due to tight quarters caused by other SUVs. I miss my tiny car, although it is nice to be tall. It smells a little funny though…the rental car, not being tall. I don’t know if they had just cleaned it and I’m just smelling cleaning stuff or if the previous renter washed their dog in there…it very much smells like clean, wet dog…not unpleasant but pungent in its own way. Maybe Avis cleaned it but didn’t let it air out? It wasn’t annoying enough to me to go to the trouble to switch it out…besides, having the Expedition will come in handy when I’m carting folks from Korea around tomorrow.