As some of you know, Scott recently auditioned for a reality show called King of Vegas, which will someday air on Spike TV. It was going to be a show that had players compete in multiple casino games, e.g., poker, pai gow, craps. He got an invite to the Chicago audition, and he was the only one in his group who made it all the way through to the taped private interview. The casting person was really positive with him, too.

LiLike many reality shows, this show films with contestants in seclusion for a period of time. In this case, the period would be 2 weeks minimum plus possible publicity time. And, like many reality shows, there’s a grand prize…a million bucks in this case. After a long talk and some budgeting, we decided it would be safe and nifty if this happened…that we could handle it emotionally and financially if he was out of work during and afterward…and if he won, great, and if he didn’t, he could do the pro gambler thing for awhile.

We made all these plans…and really, we both got our hopes up…but we got word today that he isn’t going to be on the show. Sucks. He would have been awesome for it. Hey, Spike TV people…if you happen to be reading…you missed out on a kick ass contestant. 🙁