Thank you?

I need opinions on a work-related topic.

I have been in my new position for a little less than a year now, and with the Thanksgiving holiday, I thought this would be a good time to say thank you to all the myriad of people who I work with on a day to day basis and who helped me adjust to the new job. I know the best thing would probably be individual cards or notes, but I really worry about it turning into some kind of “ooh, she thanked me more thoroughly than she thanked you” kind of thing. We’re not allowed to give gifts internally either (company ethics policy), with a couple of basic exceptions for “life events.” My thought had been to send one e-mail to a BCC’d list of folks, so that everyone gets the same message. But then, as I wrote it up, I realized that this could come off as:
a) condescending
b) impersonal and/or suck-uppish
c) somehow otherwise offensive or laughable.
Now, I don’t know what to do. It is impractical to think that I’m going to get the chance to talk to each of these people alone at a time when I can say this without sounding ironic…after all, most of the time, I’m ripping these people a new one for not doing what we needed or I’m giving them more to do than they planned…and I do take extra care to be openly appreciative (CC’ing managers when appropriate) when things are done well…but…there’s a helluva lot more bad than good, and that’s not entirely these people’s faults…that’s just the way things are.

I’m bordering on rambling now, but my point was that if you were to get a BCC’d mass e-mail from a person at your office generically thanking you for being helpful in the past few months, in the spirit of the holiday…would you be more likely to be bothered or happy? Would you feel like the person really did appreciate you?

And I must admit, part of the reason I thought of doing this is because someone sent me a note like this a few months back, because he was leaving the company and wanted to say thanks to people before he left…and I really liked getting it, and it brightened my day. But maybe not everyone would have that reaction? Dunno.