Other notes about our trip…

* The wedding was alright, as weddings go. It wasn’t to our taste, but then, it wasn’t our wedding…and it was the kind of wedding that lots of gals dream of having…just not our style. Too fancy. There were the usual wedding-related snafus, plus some interesting moments at the reception. Adorable Nephew was really sweet to me, which is good, because it kept me from resenting him when he rejected Pal Mickey the next day. We played Scorpions and told stories about the Scorpions, and we died several times but came back to life because we’re invincible. Oh, and we shot the trees and made the squirrels mad, so they swarmed all over us and tickled. Because that’s what squirrels do when you’re a scorpion and you shoot your scorpion poison at the trees.

* I found out at exactly the wrong moment that the corset, while making me look stunningly stacked, is too high in the back for my blue formal dress. :: sigh :: Thankfully, I’d come prepared with a strapless bra and normal undies.

* I went shopping with Scott’s cousin, who was very cool despite having very different taste from me. I bought loads of clothes though, under her expert care. We had a good day.

* We stayed at the PopCentury Resort while at Disney (Sunday through Tuesday), in the 80’s building. We reminesced over the shadow boxes of stuff from our childhood (My Little Ponies! Thundercats! Atari!).

* We did DisneyQuest on Sunday night, and it ROCKED. Totally worth it, if you get the chance. We had our choice of that or Pleasure Island on our ticket, and while Pleasure Island is still something I really want to do, convenience and some other reasons led us to do DQ instead, and it was so very cool.