87 minutes

That’s how long it took me to get to work today. I live 8.5 miles from my office. There was apparently a bad accident on US 45, that the radio traffic never announced, which was being swept up by the time I reached the site. I would have loved to have taken an alternate route, but there isn’t really one. If I’d known it was going to be that bad, I suppose I could have gone way out of my way (all the way down to Town Line via Butterfield and then come back up, for locals who are curious), but that adds at least 10 miles to my trip, so it’s hard to justify that route unless the traffic is bad…and it’s one of these things that you can’t tell how bad it is until it’s done. I spent 25 minutes travelling a mile on 45 just south of Belvidere. Thank goodness for my cellphone and BT headset, else I’d have missed my morning meeting.

And, the kicker is that once I got here, there was no parking available. Our parking fills up by 8:50am or so. I ended up cheating and parking in visitor parking. My other option was to park in the other building’s lot, which means a 10-15 minute walk to get to/from my car.