Nobody’s home

For the past few years, we, like many others out there, have been paying $22 per month to SBC for a phone line that only people we don’t want to talk to ever call us on. We kept it out of habit and fear and a bunch of other silly reasons.

No more though…we have disconnected our phoneline. We’re off the grid, people! Well, not really, considering we still have satellite TV, cable internet, gas, and electric…but we’re 1/5 less gridded. (Now, with extra griddling!) So, if you try to reach us on the home phone line, you get a pleasant message informing you of another number to reach us at…which happens to be my cellphone number, mainly because I’m used to mine ringing at all hours of the night and day because of work, so having a few extra calls on it won’t bother me. We actually placed the disconnect order earlier this week, but it finally went through today, it seems. I unplugged the phone and answering machine from the wall a little while ago. The counter is slightly less messy with cords as a result. 🙂