Wedding Dress

I finally picked up my wedding dress last night. Pictures of me in the dress are available in the Gallery of the Org*, under Pre-Wedding Photos, on the second page of the album.

One issue though…notice how far down it goes in the back. Now, some of that is because it’s way too big (ordered bigger on purpose to give adequate hip room and to allow for a bigger skirt poof), but even after that is taken care of, my corset has a fairly high back, and would be completely visible…the corset actually goes a little higher than a bra in the back. So…I’m kinda screwed. I paid like $300 for a corset that I totally can’t wear with my wedding dress. I thought, at the time based on the model pictures and seeing it on the mannequin, that the back went more straight across rather than coming down in a V like that. 🙁 No idea what to do now. I don’t even know that I can wear a normal longline bra with it. May just have to get cups sewn in, which will not give the support and slimming that I was hoping for. 🙁