Kids are dumb.

We’ve been at Disney for a few days, back in IL now. More on that later.

While at Disney, we found out about this toy called Pal Mickey. You can read more about it at that link, but suffice it to say that we thought it was wicked cool. I mean, this thing must have some kind of RF receiver that gets signals in the park and produces canned messages. And it plays games with you. Being the cool STB-Aunt and Uncle that we are, we bought it for the adorable nephew. As we weren’t meeting up with him at Magic Kingdom until 11am-ish on Monday, we took Pal Mickey with us to Epcot in the morning. He told us trivia about the park mainly. Pal Mickey was scared to go on the Mars Mission (so was Pal JC), but he seemed excited about Test Track. When we got to Magic Kingdom, he gave us some more trivia.

But sadly, nephew (who is 4, almost 5) was not impressed with Pal Mickey. Scott thinks it’s because he got freaked by it talking to him right after being on Pirates of the Caribbean (which nephew found scary due to the darkness), but I’m getting the feeling that nephew is just generally not impressed by stuffed animals of any sort. It’s a little painful for me, because that was my favorite kind of toy…and also because I have this ridiculous way of anthropomorphizing toys. I blame The Velveteen Rabbit. So, after spending the morning socializing with Pal Mickey, it broke me a little inside to see nephew reject him so thoroughly. I don’t blame nephew at all…don’t get me wrong…his tastes certainly don’t have to be mine…but how could you not want to play with something like this??? Not knowing anything about how it works, how is it not amazing that Mickey is telling you stuff that’s relevant? Like singing Be Our Guest when you’re near the Beauty and the Beast show…and asking you to make sure he doesn’t get wet when standing in line for Splash Mountain. That’s so incredibly cool.

If you happen to know a kid who is going to Disney and would enjoy a Pal Mickey, let us know.