Well, thanks to the fact that I forgot my ID widget that allows me to log on to the intranet from remote locations (such as this hotel in NJ where I’m currently residing), I can’t do work, so I might as well post.

Still don’t have my wedding dress. It’s at the store, paid for, waiting on me to pick it up, which I’d love to do were it not for travelling and bridge and Weem and work and a host of other distractions. Some other news though: we’re getting shelves! This is a longer term birthday present to JC from Scott. 🙂 We’re having California Closets come in and make shelves for us in the basement that will house our games and other miscellany (like secondary books). It’ll be a built in wall unit, somewhat L-shaped, but designed where if we move, we could possibly take it with us and break it into two separate pieces rather than an L-shaped unit. Sweet. 🙂 We also had a consultant from Outlook Windows/Blinds come and give us a figure for doing our blinds on the windows where it needs replacing or is lacking in blinds. The figure came in around 1600$ for 7 window treatments. No idea if that’s good or bad, or if I have expensive or paltry taste…but I do know that the saleswoman did not impress me with her pitch, in that she seemed condescending and didn’t really seem to let me make decisions. On the other hand, she absolutely nailed the fabric I wanted in one room, which makes me think she might just be very good at what she does and at picking out things that her customers will like. Dunno…so the quote is good for 30 days, and basically, if I haven’t found someone to do a comparison with in the meantime, I’ll probably take it.

My room service burger just arrived, so I shall go. Due to overwhelming traffic, I skipped dinner, and I’m starving. 🙂