Job Title

When people ask me what I do these days, I’m often at a loss. To remedy this, I decided to look up my official job title. When I started, it was Engineering Intern. When I was hired “permanently”, it was Software Engr. Eventually, I became Senior Software Engr. And apparently, when I took my new we’re-not-in-engineering-anymore-dorothy position, it became Product Planner. My business cards say [Company Y] Requirements Manager, but that sounds clerical to those that don’t know any better, so I avoid using that title.

So, here’s the question for the readership: if I were to say “product planner for [Company X],” would this make sense to you as a job title the same way SW Engineer would? For what it’s worth, even when I was a SW Engineer officially, the title didn’t really describe my job at all, so I’m less concerned about that. I’m just looking for that one-shot description of what it is that I do when people casually ask.

Another possibility is “I’m in product marketing and development for [Company X],” as my canned statement…so thoughts on that are welcome, too.