Catching up

* I posted stuff about Orienteering on an LJ comm for that purpose, here.

* This past Saturday, we volunteered for a charity casino night as dealers. It was a charity that a friend of ours works for, and we got to deal and teach poker all night. There was blackjack, craps, and roulette available also, as well as a silent auction for stuff. We actually bid on several “spa day” type items in the silent auction and won! So, I have 2 spa days coming up…one for a place in Highland Park and one for a place in Northfield. Really though, it was terrific fun, but sadly, because of some legislation in Illinois, the charity is no longer offering new services. The fundraising at this point was to assist in maintenance of their records (which legally have to be maintained for a period of time) and maintenance of their existing client relationships. So, attendance was down at this event and there won’t be another one like it. I’d love to do something like that for the SPCA or Planned Parenthood or something though. Charity events are the only legal gambling outside of casinos in Illinois, so it’s both a unique experience, and it’s something where our casino knowledge comes in handy.

* On Sunday, Scott had something he had to do in downtown Chicago, so I spent the day on Michigan Avenue shopping while he was busy doing his thing. I’d discuss what he was doing in more detail, but we’re keeping it a little quiet for various reasons. πŸ™‚

* The next two weeks are going to be pretty busy for me. I’m doing two work trips, and ending the two week period with a personal trip. Then, there’s work itself… πŸ™‚