Surprise Trip

So, the surprise trip for my mom didn’t quite go off as planned. On the Friday of the week prior, I got a call from my dad asking when my flight was getting in. Me: “Um, a week from now, around 10:30pm.” My dad boggles, as he was expecting me for that weekend. Oops. Little miscommunication somewhere, not sure how it happened. Rough timeline of events leading up to this:

Flashback to 6 months ago: My Aunt Nita calls me up and says she has a great idea for my mom’s fiftieth birthday…that I would fly down and surprise her, and my Aunt Nita would drive up and surprise her. I say, sweet! So, plans start from there, including my dad, because he was going to help with the Charleston-side planning.

4 months or so ago: My mom announces to my Aunt Nita and Dad that she is going to run away from home on her birthday weekend and not tell them where. Plans change to be the following weekend instead of her (and my) birthday weekend.

3.5 months ago: 2 weeks later, my mom calls me and suggests we go to Vegas during my birthday weekend. Lightbulb! She was planning to run away from home with me! Eek!

2.5 months ago: Las Vegas Hilton (recently acquired by a different casino company) drops its cashback and lowers comps for VP players. Ouch. This makes it much harder for us to get housing for us, much less an additional person. Scott & I reason out that we have 1-2 more luxe trips in store, and a trip with a third person isn’t a good way to burn one of those, as we won’t be able to take care of the third person’s bills on our comp account…and if we’re burning up our last luxe trip at the LVH, we want to go crazy and eat at the nice restaurants every night and such, which will get expensive fast for a third person. So, we start looking into other places…sadly, that weekend turns out to be a tough one to get comped. However, if we do the preceding weekend, we can use 2 different month coupons at Casino Royale, each for 2 free nights, for each of us…meaning we’d have 4 free nights of 2 hotel rooms…perfect! So, we change the date on my mom after asking her if that’s okay. We figure we could probably find housing for the birthday weekend still, but this is much easier and more profitable for us…being a nifty person, my mom agrees. I talk to my Aunt Nita and dad about these plans and confirm that despite the date change, we want to keep the surprise weekend being the weekend after the birthday weekend, for greater surprise value and also so that I’m not flying two weekends in a row…also, Aunt Nita had already taken days off of work, so it couldn’t really be changed.

So, you can see how my dad might have gotten mixed up with all of that shuffling. Unfortunately, he also “set aside” the birthday weekend and made sure my mom didn’t make plans. He did not set aside the following weekend…when we were actually coming. Result = My mom had plans the weekend we were flying down.

No worries though…the surprise still came off okay, even if my mom got the wrong impression about a few things. It was a very fun weekend. The only sad part is that flights in and out of Charleston are bloody expensive, and the only time I could get a flight out for less than $600 was Sunday morning at the oh-my-god-its-early hours of the morning…which sucked both for being able to spend time with my mom and because I ended up getting less than 8 hours sleep over the weekend. But the good part was that I got to go orienteering on that Sunday, since we were going to be in that part of the world at an early hour anyways. More on that later. 🙂