It’s a new day. I’m wearing a t-shirt that got handed out earlier this week. It is actually for a product we made for a competing technology/account from the one I work on. Nonetheless, I got a t-shirt. We were serenaded by the Tumbleweeds during lunch, too. I wasn’t originally going to wear the shirt to work, as it’s kinda like…well, suppose you worked for a baseball supply company, and your company served both the Sox and the Cubs…and you worked for the Cubs supply but the Sox supply had a big party and gave out t-shirts. You would not want to seem traitorous by wearing the Sox shirt to your Cubs department meetings. Something like that. But, due to a particularly crappy day with the Viciously Zealous Wankers (someday I gotta thank pheltzer for coming up with that nifty convention), I felt traitorous. It’s a neat shirt, too.