Viva Las Vegas Brides

So, there was this forum that I used to frequent over on Ultimate Weddings that was dedicated to folks getting hitched in Vegas. It had an opening post with tons of helpful links. And the gals on there were really terrific…they were always ready to answer a question for someone…plus each bride posted a review of her chapel and reception site in the forum after her wedding…so it was this really great collection of real reviews of the chapels, both casino and non-casino.

Problem is, apparently the site had some kind of hacker attack, and they lost the forums. All of it. And they haven’t re-opened the forums to avoid a future attack. And I really really miss it. I’d been thinking for months that the gals posting on that little topic on the forums should have their own website (there was more than enough info in the forum to fill a website). I had been toying around with starting it myself and offering up some initial funding…but I worried about posting asking people if they’d be interested, because I didn’t want to seem to be pulling readers away from an ad-based revenue site. So, I never mentioned it. 🙁 And I really miss that forum now, but I have no way to find the people who used to moderate it, nor can I retrieve the long list of links.

Pooh. 🙁