So, apparently, I’m not so super. For the past few days, I’ve had huge problems getting to sleep at night. Last night, I cried. I actually cried because I could not sleep and it frustrated me. Fortunately, I have an equally insomniac sweetie who was awake and patted my back and held me and told me it would be okay in nice soothing tones.

I’m not entirely sure how much is the Korea backlash and how much is stress from work. I have many things that have to happen before I leave for Vegas this weekend, and it’s got me in knots. I also lost two things associated with the trip, and I was stressing over that. Every time I tried to sleep, I started worrying about where I might have left those things…re-playing events in my head to try to find them. You see, as my very cool Mom pointed out the other day, when I get stressed about stuff…overloaded…I start losing things. I forget things I’ve told people. I forget things I need to do. I lose track of dates. I lose physical stuff. I forget in the shower in the morning whether I shampooed my hair or just got it wet. I’m normally really organized and “together”, but when I get too busy, my systems for keeping myself in that state get over-looked. My mom pointed out that this should be a sign to me that I’m overloaded. Not much I can do about it right now (except push back on my boss when he tries to give me more stuff, as he did this morning), but I’m so looking forward to this vacation. I’m excited to show Vegas to my Mom. I’m excited to show her all the wedding stuff and do associated girl-squeeing. 🙂 It should be really cool.