Last Day

Local time: 9:06am, 9/23. It’s morning. I managed to sleep until 7am. I blame that in part on this delightful liquor called Soju that our hosts fed us copious amounts of last night. We had Korean BBQ…ribs and beef and pork…lots of kimchee, and cinnamon apple juice for dessert. Juice is the usual dessert here. It’s kind of a nice thing. The cinnamon juice was really good. I made excuses of being tired so that I could get back to the hotel in time to go shopping. I found a mall underground near my hotel, and I found a really amusing store there that sells notebooks and paper goods with english phrases on them that don’t quite make sense. 🙂 I got a few things from there as souvenirs for friends. I’ve had no luck finding a sports thing for Scott, nor have I found a prayer bowl for my mom. But, I only got to shop for a half hour last night before it closed, so I’m going to try again this morning before leaving. I have to wait for it to open though. I bought postcards that I’ll get the hotel to mail for me today. Our flight leaves at 2pm from Incheon, connects through Tokyo, and then we continue on to Chicago. I’ll land around 4pm, same day. Gotta love time zones! And, btw, my amazing jet lag immunity continues pretty much. I’m just more of a morning person here…waking around 4:30am and going to bed around 10:30pm instead of the usual midnight to 7:30am. What keeps messing with me is that my watch seems to be running fast, the clock in the room is set to be about 10 minutes ahead, and there’s very few posted clocks around here…so I have a hard time knowing what time it is unless I look at the computer.

I ran into a girl emergency yesterday that was embarrassing (and another reason why I claimed tiredness to get back to the hotel sooner rather than later). Girl-type monthly stuff ahead…leave now if it scares you. This week was my period week…started on the plane trip here. I was prepared for that…I brought supplies with me. But yesterday, I didn’t bring enough with me to work to get me through the day, especially with us going out after work. And…the women’s bathrooms here do not have dispensing machines. I tried three different bathrooms during the day with no luck. So, I ended up making a homemade pad out of paper towels and using toilet paper to wrap it to my underwear. I also did a very gross thing by making a little homemade tampon out of TP. It actually worked perfectly though. I guess it should…that’s how they did it in the olden days, I suppose. No worries today though. I have enough things with me, and I know the plane will also have supplies on board. I’m going to try to get that special meal thing removed from my reservation when we get to the airport. Either that, or I’m just going to tell the attendant not to worry about giving me the special meal…I’ll just order like normal. I wonder if that would work. We’ll see. 🙂