Admirals’ Club – Live Post

I’m sitting in the Admiral’s Club at Narita International Airport in Tokyo. They have refreshments and a place to get to the internet, and I’ve got a three hour layover, so this is the place to be. After getting here and finding the internet hookups, my first action was to go to the bathroom and change into different clothes. The freshening reintroduced civility. We had to go through security to get from where we got off the plane over to Terminal 1, where the club is, and we’ll probably have to go through again to go to Terminal 2, where our flight departs. So far, language hasn’t been an issue, but it helps that this is an international airport, where well over half of the business class cabin were Mot people or similar…so they plan for us English speakers a little. I’m horribly upset that I can’t remember more Japanese. I remember Hai, Iie, and Hajimemashite (and variants)…and basically, to say any of those things, the person is more likely to understand me in English. Oh and btw, I know I just hammer-posted 3 things. I tried to backdate them to match the Chicago timezone. This post won’t be backdated, because it’s live. šŸ™‚ The others were written while I was on the plane.

I’m drinking Diet Coke right now, from the polar bear cup I brought with me from home. I miss Scott. šŸ™ This is the kind of thing I want to share with him. Mike is cool, and he’s at least been here before, but I still wish that for one thing, I could go tourist around the airport instead of sitting here downloading work e-mail…and for another thing, that I had my sweetie here to go all Amazing Race on this airport. šŸ™‚ I was looking at the sodas and snacks in the vending machines, but then it occurred to me that I could probably get all of it at Mitsumi in Arlington Heights, so it’d be silly to buy food souvenirs here. I am going to get some kind of souvenir stuff though…probably on the flight back.