Over Alaska

Japan Timestamp: 815am/Sept20 – I’m currently flying over Alaska at 36000 feet. I watched Mr. and Mrs. Smith, finished reading Freakonomics, and I just re-did the quizzes from Chapters 1 and 2 of Modern Bridge Defense as a refresher. It seems that unfortunately, labelling oneself for a non-lactose meal means you get a vegetarian meal that has no cheese in it. I’m not sure why, but I plan to call and change that notation on my ticket before the next flight, because I missed out on sushi or beef filet with steamed veggies…both of which trumped the hell out of the odd rice dish with tofu that I ended up getting. Fortunately, Mike had encouraged me to pick up a meal that would keep before leaving ORD, so I ended up having a turkey and bacon salad with ranch dressing instead and picking the steamed veggies out of my prepared meal. I also snacked on some of the goodies I brought with me.

And, btw, flying business class internationally kicks ass. You get a menu to select an entree from (there were actually 3 choices plus a Japanese meal), choice of dessert, and as much alcohol as you want. I’ve had none of the latter, because I was planning to take some sleepy meds to help me doze off for awhile. I slept for 2.5 hours so far with the help of vanilla flavored tylenol PM, basically 5am-7:30am in Japan time. I also have Bose sound-cancelling headphones (complimentary use during flight) and I have a little “spa kit” that has an eye mask, toothpaste/toothbrush, and some other miscellaneous goodies. There was also a wrapped blanket/pillow set in my seat. I saved my individual disposable salt and pepper set as a souvenir, because it was just too cute. Oh, and even stretching my feet out as far as they can go, I can’t reach the seat in front of me right now, and the guy sitting there has it partially reclined. I have an extending footrest that raises almost all the way up, and the seat back goes almost all the way back. When I slept, it was like sleeping in a recliner. Ooh…looks like we just started crossing the Bering Sea…or maybe the North Pacific. It’s not labelled either way. One more thing: the bathrooms are bigger. It’s still not like a huge bathroom or anything, but you actually have room to stand without feeling like you’re tripping over the commode. I’m getting spoiled; that’s my point.

Mr. and Mrs. Smith was pretty good, although as I commented to Greg and Roger yesterday, I didn’t ask much of it. Angelina = pretty. Brad = pretty. Dress them up, parade them across the screen, and I’ll be happy. Still, I was entertained by the plot, too, and I felt a little teary during parts of the break-up (the teddy bear and the Vegas video). I’d have been happier without the “high tech” weapons stores showing up in their house. How in the world would they have gotten those installed without the other noticing? I can’t imagine that an agent wouldn’t occasionally check out parts of their home, no matter how secret they may be. That’s alright though. Angelina in shiny vinyl dominatrix gear totally made up for it. She’ll always be the live incarnation of Lara Croft to me, so I can’t help but adore her.

Freakonomics was also a good and entertaining read. I probably shouldn’t have asked Scott so much about it when he was reading it, because I felt like I’d already heard all of the conclusions, so how he got there was just like “meh”.

I feel like I should do some work, but then again, I have 5 and a half hours left to Tokyo, and I’m lazy. I’d rather play Bridge.