Obsessive rail gaming comes in handy (sorta)

Japan Timestamp: 145pm/Sept20 – The GPS map on the big screen of the plane keeps showing the map of Japan, as we’re now flying over Hokkaido. Cities shown on the map so far: Asahikawa, Sapporo, Aomori, Sendai, Niigata, Iwaki, Toyama, Tokyo, Shizuoka, Kyoto. You know what’s sort of sad? Watch this:

Asahikawa – Sake
Sapporo – Beer
Aomori – China
Sendai – ??
Niigata – Chemicals
Iwaki – Coal
Toyama – Copper
Tokyo – Tourists
Shizuoka – Tea
Kyoto – Cows, Textiles, and some other stuff

Yes, that’s right. With the exception of Sendai, I can pretty much name what goods each city makes (in the game Nippon Rails) off the top of my head. No thinking. I didn’t even pause while typing that, believe it or not. Okay, I paused briefly on Sendai, but then I gave up and kept moving.

Chapter 3 of Bridge Defense complete. Watched pilot of Everybody Hates Chris (included in Entertainment Weekly). I feel like it’s a little too narration driven right now, but maybe that will die down as we get to know the characters more. Have read all magazines now. Watched 2 Friends re-runs and sadly noted that along with my trivial knowledge of Nippon Rails, I can also now detect when they cut part of an episode of Friends for syndication. Oh, now the map shows Nagoya. That’s where they make cars. Hey! New city! Maebashi! I have no idea what they make! Yay! 🙂