Saved text paster?

I’m trying to find an application that will let me assign a text macro/paste to a function key on my keyboard so that I can insert that text into fields by hitting the specified function key or key combo. To describe by example…let’s say that 3-5 times during each day, I type “Go look at the spreadsheet I already told you about” into an IM, e-mail, or calendar notice. I also type “See the stupid customer manual requirements” pretty often and “See the website that I mention all the damn time”. So, what I’d like to do is assign F9 to “Go look at the spreadsheet I already told you about”, assign F10 to “See the stupid…”, and assign F11 to “See the website that I mention…” such that it immediately pastes that text into the window I’ve got open at the cursor point. (Note: I can’t use outlook macros due to security restrictions on work outlook.)

Anyone know of something like this? I’m not having much luck finding an app like this in google right now.