So, Scott and I made an attempt with my corset last night. We got it most of the way done, and it felt pretty darn comfy…but the lower portion (over my hips) wasn’t tightened and the very top part was still a little looser than desired. Actually, in general, it wasn’t all the way closed, I think. Scott was having a hell of a time getting things to tighten correctly. They make it look much easier in movies, y’know. Yank on the strings and “bam!”, you’re all tightened up. We kept having the problem that one part would tighten and the other part wouldn’t…and I’m sure this is an issue with how we’re lacing or managing the lacing.. I think it will work though…even with it not perfectly laced, it did do nice things for the boobs, and it flattened out the problem area of my front…I have bumpiness in the fat above my waistline (it’s actually a weird kind of abdominal definition that shows through the fat…like my ab muscles raise the fat up) that shows through on dresses, plus “love handles”.

I actually have kind of a weird shape when naked now that I think about it. Most fat women I see naked are continuous. I have this very defined waistline, with fat above and below it that makes the waistline less visible sometimes, but it’s still there. I know my shape exists in the fat women world, but I haven’t seen it much. It’s made weirder by my imbalance between boobs and ass. I have a triangle/hourglass going….an hour glass where the bottom triangle is bigger than the upper triangle. Something like that.