Intern screwage

So, my intern screwed me over a bit. He told me he was done with the entire project, but 2 areas weren’t touched at all. 2 other areas were done in a very half-ass way that I’m now cleaning up. And that puts me behind where I need to be right now. Unfortunately, there’s no action I can do at this point, short of not hiring him again. He’s back at school now.

I understand that interns often don’t finish their projects. I fully expected to have to help him complete it while he was here..pick up 1-2 areas, which is essentially what I’m doing now. What I hate is that he lied about it being done. And, we’re not talking about lying like that he might have misunderstood. We’re talking about I gave him a list, and he either checked it off without knowing what it was (and therefore not having done it) or knowingly skipping it while telling me otherwise. And because I (and this is where I was stupid, apparently), just spot-checked his work instead of thoroughly reviewing every aspect, it got past me, and I didn’t realize it was missing until he was gone.

Is it really too much to ask for people to own up to things? I mean, I’m not a mean boss, and I told him countless times that if he was having trouble meeting the dates to let me know and I’d pick up some of his work, because I knew it was both monotonous and time-consuming. Would it have killed him to say that he missed two of the items (accidentally or on purpose) in the weeks before he left so that I could have tackled it then? Fact of the matter is that he spent his last week doing another part of this project that was much lower priority, and if I’d known that these other two pieces were undone, I would have told him to work on the 2 missing pieces, and I’d save the lower priority stuff for later. :: sigh ::

Had to bitch about this a little, because while doing this work, I’m fuming under the surface…needed to let out the fumes.