The beatings will continue until morale improves.

I spotted this link while reading rmjwell‘s recent entries. It details the fake photo ops set up to make it look like things were being done in New Orleans. The Daily Show did a wondeful job on this topic last night. I particularly loved the bit about the naming of the Bush failures (they’re on H for Hurricane Katrina, from Abu Gharib through Zero people left on earth). Scott liked the bit about building a dam in Arkansas “to fight the water there so that we don’t have to fight it here” or something like that. Jon Stewart also commended the press right now, saying they seem to have discovered their spines again. And btw, that link I’m giving is a good list of specifics. A more generic article to the same ends is on the Washington Post site.

Other Hurricane-related news that I forgot to mention yesterday: Sam’s apartment in New Orleans apparently has electricity and phone lines as of this past Monday. We know because his answering machine picked up the phone. Cellphone service for incoming calls to NOLA folks in other places seems to have been restored as well, but making calls to Houston seems iffy, as the lines there are getting overloaded.