And {s poof}, like that, they were gone…

Andrew and Editha left this morning. We spent yesterday at Six Flags, having obtained comped tickets for our “refugees.” (My fiance is adorable, and he is also very good at getting stuff for free. 🙂 ) I didn’t go on a coaster during the trip…Andrew forgot the duct tape…but Andrew, Scott, and Editha went on enough that they were all tired of coasters by the end of it. I mostly did stuff at the water park. I re-applied sunblock 4 times and thus managed to avoid getting more than a casual (i.e., pinkness that faded in a few hours) burn. I also was the official holder of stuff and obtainer of drinks. I do that job very well.

Our other houseguest, Sandy, left yesterday morning. The house will feel a little empty tonight, but a flurry of cleaning and laundry maintenance should help mitigate that feeling.

The wedding was much more fun than most weddings that we go to as guests, but it helps that we both knew everyone. Or rather, we both didn’t know the same people. We also took notes for our wedding, including finding a recessional song that we could both agree to (yay!). We liked their rabbi (capitalized?) as well, but no idea if he’s willing to do interfaith and fly to Vegas. Scott is investigating. Oh, and FWIW, we thought we had a rabbi…right up until the point where he failed to send his new contact info to us and when asked about it, failed to remember who we were or when our wedding was. Keep in mind that the subject line of the e-mail included our last names and the date of the wedding, and the e-mail body included the date of our meeting and how he should know us. :: sigh :: This guy isn’t old enough to have lost memory…but it was a sign to me of poor organizational skills as well as lack of professionalism. It doesn’t take much to either look back in your datebook to remember something about a person or to maintain a file of wedding clients.

So this post has now wandered into wedding stuff when it was going to be a lament…so back to the original topic. A/E are currently traveling to Houston (the new New Orleans), where his company is re-starting operations. They are not paying for re-location unless you sign a contract, and even then, it’s only half the costs. So, that kind of sucks, but in fairness, they got hit financially, too, and probably can’t afford to re-locate everyone. They did hook him up with apartment places, but he has to pay the rent and associated start-up costs…which means, at least for this month, he’s paying both his mortgage in NOLA and rent in this place. So, he’s going to work on the project he has, and then see what to do from there based on the state of his home city.

There is a website that has relatively up-to-date satellite photos of the city, and we used those and Google Earth while he was here to locate his house. None of his trees fell. We’re thinking there’s probably 6 inches or so of water in his house (he’s in an area that is relatively high ground…intentionally…he’s an engineer and thought of such things), and otherwise, the damage may be minimal. His shed was still there. E’s car was still there, but may not be okay (she’s actually hoping it’s trashed). So, theoretically, he might have a home to go to, when/if the city re-opens.

The mortgage part sucks, but…well, it’s fair. It just sucks. What’s worse is that you can’t file an insurance claim until you know what the damage is, and many people have no idea what the damage is yet, because they can’t go back. I also think insurance should cover your mortgage if you can’t live in your home due to an evacuation, but I’m guessing most policies don’t cover that because it isn’t expected to ever happen for very long. And there’s probably consequences to that idea that I’m not considering, not being in that business. Or, maybe they do cover it, and that part just hasn’t been sorted out yet due to the rush of issues right now. What sucks to me right now is that…well, A is pretty well off, all things considered. He has a job for now. If he wants to re-locate, he has a permanent job. So, he has an influx of money to work with. And even so, he’s getting screwed by this. His company isn’t helping him move. He has to pay for two homes, being fully unable to live in one of them. Even if his home is perfectly fine, he can’t go into the city, and that’s not his choice…it’s the law at this point. And yet, there’s no government response to that issue. I feel like the local authorities (the mayor in particular) are very in tune with these problems…but FEMA, and our erstwhile president…not so much. I feel like Bush has a very “let them eat cake” response to this whole thing, and that pisses me off greatly.