We have Orleanians!

Andrew and Editha got in last night. We took them to the place of excellent fajitas and watched the US/Mexico soccer game on a big projector image on the wall and cheered with the restaurant owners. Then we came home and watched some American football…but mainly, we chatted. Our Detroit friend, Sandy, is also staying with us this weekend, for the wedding of our friends, Janet & Howard. Janet’s wedding is the last of the weddings in this month of weddings.

We’re thinking of going to Six Flags on Monday, so that Andrew/Scott can attempt to get me on a roller coaster in a joint effort. I did go on a water slide yesterday. It was 15 feet high, in the kiddie area of the water park. It had one steep drop and then flattened out…very basic. It was like whoosh and sploosh! I don’t know if I liked it or not. It was very fast, and the sploosh at the end was odd. I did it again to be sure, but it was still a tough call on liking or not liking.