Posting from the Garden State

So, I’ve been in NJ for yesterday and today. Originally was going to visit my Aunt again, but work schedule ended up being too tight. Thankfully, I managed to get out of having to be on a 7am flight this morning, but I’m now leaving around 8pm tonight most likely. Went to Manhattan for dinner last night with group…ate at a place called Dos Caminos, which did not have fajitas. 🙁 I had carne asada though with really good salsa as a dressing…very spicy. I also had quite a few Cosmo Des Diablo drinks (specialty of the restaurant): sugarfree sour mix (one good thing about NYC…the bars seem to be well stocked for the low carbers…yay for fad diet hubs!), pineapple juice, vodka, and a pepper. That’s right…a pepper. So it was sweet and spicy, like someone had dropped tabasco in it. Dee-lish! I had three of them, and was buzzy for the rest of the evening, needing no further drinkage when we went to this outdoor bar in a park. The weather was beautiful so walking around NYC at night was a treat, with the exception of the fact that NYC is no Chicago.

My hotel (Hampton Inn Chelsea) was spiffy. They had a snack in my room waiting for me, along with a lapdesk for working in bed. Breakfast this morning was sausage and eggs, and now I’m at the Plainfield office working until a meeting this afternoon, at which point I’ll limo to the airport at 4:45pm. Yay for the jetset JC!