I returned from New Orleans earlier today. As neither of us got much sleep during the weekend, we took a nap not long after we got in. While I was in New Orleans for the wedding of my best friend, it was also like a convention of like-minded people, in that my best friend has many really cool friends. The wedding went as weddings go, I suppose…a few hiccups in an otherwise wonderful day. Editha looked stunning. Andrew was dashing. I felt like they were themselves in the midst of a bunch of things/people trying to make them be someone else, and that was a good thing. I made notes of a few things to want and watch out for when we get married next year. Scott and I talked about various things as we saw them. We figure if we’re going to 3-4 weddings before ours, we might as well take notes!

I also got to spend a day tooling around New Orleans on my own, which was nice. I visited the mausoleum where Ryan was placed, as it wasn’t very far from Andrew’s wedding site. I got my nails done. I even gave blood and got a really nifty t-shirt in return. I’m not being sarcastic, either…I really like the shirt. It’s tie-dye camo…which strikes me as this wonderful combination for a blood donor…camo because you’re helping out victims of something without being seen, and tie-dye because you’re doing it in a peaceful hippie kind of way. 🙂 I bought a very fancy lipstick (Clinique) after talking to a consultant who helped me pick a good color and got a compact and totebag as a bonus…and they all came in handy. I put a few items in the totebag along with my shoes for the wedding day, including some snacks for the groomsmen, a bleach pen, a emergency poncho, and some black shoe polish. The one thing I forgot to include that I really wish I had was a handkerchief or pack of tissues…not for crying, but for dabbing the groomsmen’s foreheads before they went out…it was August, and the groomsfolk ended up congregating outside before the ceremony started. We ended up using a scrap of fabric that was leftover from the making of wedding favors, so it worked out in the end. Oh, I saw Andrew’s new house, too. It’s a former duplex that he’s ripping apart and making into a single family home. It’s a bit of a mess right now, but the land it’s on is HUGE for the area that he’s in, and I know he got a good deal on it because so much work needed to be done. It’s a job for an engineer. 🙂

And, before I forget, I want to mention that the guys at Dibbz PC Cafe in Metairie, LA helped me put on an AWESOME bachelor party on Thursday night. We gamed until the wee hours, playing both the “classics” from our college days and games we’d never played before. So, if you’re ever in the Metairie area and looking for a place for internet access, LAN gaming, pool, XBox on huge-ass screens, or just a hot french bread pizza and some Bawls…check them out. They do all-night gaming sessions about once a month it seems, and they have gaming available pretty much whenever you’d want it to be.

Hopefully, Andrew and Editha are in Hawaii now, starting their honeymoon. Best wishes and thoughts to them…they’re a wonderful couple, and I am both honored and proud to know them.