PS on Weddings

* The Best Woman dress ended up being fine. The Maid of Honor and I had apparently had the same fears about it…and both had just kinda decided to deal with it and then realized it wasn’t so bad after all. Scott thinks I could wear it as a normal dress…me, um…well, it’s still just not my style. If I did wear it as a normal dress, I’d have to cut off that weird little fluttery hanky thing on the one shoulder, because that did drive me insane all day.

* I wore comfy shoes until about 3 minutes before we went “onstage.” I kept the heels on until about 2.5 hours into the reception. My toes still feel a little strained (from being bent in a way they’re not normally bent), but otherwise, I was fine. Once I was walking with purpose everywhere and not paying attention to how I was walking, I think I did fine on the walking bit…but then, only an observer could tell me for sure.

* Like heels, I rarely wear make-up (I almost typed “wearly rare” there), but I managed to make myself look spiffy both for the rehearsal dinner and for the wedding. My hairdresser (who rocks…Tina at Octagon in Gurnee) had helped me come up with a very basic style to do on myself that would look fancier than my normal hair but wouldn’t take long to do and could be worn with a headband for comfort and to show off jewelry. So, I did that for the wedding day. And for make-up, I just used the express make-up that has been my staple for years, a little blush, and lipstick…and every time I looked in the mirror, I was shocked at how I managed to look like myself, but slightly better/smoother…without seeming “done up”. For someone with almost no experience with make-up, I think I did a darn fine job. And, I’m very inclined to just do my own make-up for my wedding day. I’ll see how it came out in pictures.

* Met up with Ryan’s mom and sister at the reception briefly. I felt a little awkward introducing Scott…especially when I couldn’t remember his mom’s name (I do now!) and called her “Ryan’s mom”. But it was good to see them, too…they looked well, and gave me a hug each.