The Long Weekend – Monday

(Ed. Note: Yes, it took me over a week to write about a weekend. It was a LONG weekend. See subject line. So there.)

When we woke up on Monday morning, Colleen was up and fixed us coffee, because she rocks. I took a shower, since I had clean clothes to change into from the shopping trip. The only thing I was missing was undies, so I went commando for the time being. We chatted with her for a bit and left her house around 9:30 or so. Our plan for the day was meeting up with Greg, wife-of-Greg, and nephew-of-Greg at Six Flags. In fact, how we were still going to manage that having slept in Milwaukee was pretty front and center on my mind the night before and in the morning. We managed to get out early enough that we weren’t going to be too late, so that was good. Scott wasn’t sure how much park action he’d be able to take. We called Party of Greg to make meet-up plans and make sure they were still going. The day was rainy in Milwaukee, but we didn’t know if further south, the weather was looking better. Sure enough, they were on their way to the park, so we said that it’d likely be 11 or so before we got there and to plan to meet up with us in the park. We stopped at our favorite truck stop for breakfast buffet. Scott managed to eat some eggs and bacon and he drank soda. I had eggs, bacon, sausage, and a piece of baked chicken. (Have I mentioned that I don’t get hangovers? Yay for the Irish constitution!) (Not to be confused with the Irish Constitution) He said his stomach was still a little uncertain, but he was good for riding while I drive.

We headed home. I switched into a bathing suit and coverup. Scott showered and got into swim trunks and t-shirt. And then we called Party of Greg (cue theme song!) and arranged to meet them at the water park portion of Six Flags. Not long thereafter, we were splashing around. We did a lazy river ride together, and then the guys headed up for a water slide assortment while me and fellow “coaster mom” Kirsti hung out at the bottom and chatted about books and current events. Not long after the guys headed up, the sky got cloudy and it started to drizzle. I offered to go fetch our towels (which were in an uncovered area on the other side of the water park) while Kirsti waited on the guys.

Midway through my walk there, I saw lightning in the distance, but surprisingly, Six Flags didn’t start closing the water park. I figured they must know that the storms aren’t coming in this direction or something. They made an announcement reminding visitors that the park’s operation is based on weather, etc. etc. but they didn’t close the park. On the way back, it started raining harder, and another reminder announcement was made. Once I got back, Kirsti said the guys had gone in the wave pool, but just then, they finally closed the park. It also began to rain hard. Scott and Greg came back to us as nephew was MIA, but nephew followed soon thereafter. We huddled under an umbrella and tried to decide whether to wait it out or leave the park.

We decided to opt for leaving, as the rain was significant at this point, but that meant that the Party of Greg needed to go to their locker and get their stuff. Scott and I stayed under the umbrella and put on our cover-up clothes. Then, we headed out to meet them. It was raining hard now, and we held our towels over our heads to be able to see. One property of towels that doesn’t get mentioned enough: absorbency. Towels absorb water, meaning they are crappy umbrellas! So, we still got really wet. We got over near the place of lockers and waited under a shelter (along with about a hundred other soaked parkgoers) to see Party of Greg heading back from the lockers. Once we spotted them, we ran out to meet them and started the trek to the parking lot, which resulted in more soaking.

Finally, after much walking, and after sending Greg to get a car so we could carpool instead of going in search of two cars, we headed to our house for drying. We gave everyone a t-shirt to wear while the clothes and towels (and socks) went into the dryer. We played some DDR and got lunch at Lone Star using coupons. Yay for coupons!

I should note, too, that Nephew-of-Greg is really cool, and hanging out with him made me look forward to when Nephews-of-Scott are old enough to be good conversationalists. Nephew-of-Greg plays games and likes BtVS. We talked Harry Potter. Hmm. I just realized many of my pursuits are common with your basic above-average 10-year-old boy. I’m not sure what that says about me, but it can’t be good.

At any rate, after lunch, the clothes were dry. We headed back to the park by way of my car, to pick up my engagement ring (which I take off whenever we’re going to the water park for safety’s sake), gum, and money. The guys went on several coasters (Scott had recovered enough to do almost all of them…he skipped Superman), and we coaster moms chatted. I would say that Kirsti and I have alot in common to talk about, but given the above realization that I have things in common with a 10-year-old boy, I’m not sure that’s as complimentary of a statement as it used to be. 😉 At any rate, it was awesome to get to talk books with someone. Scott likes to read, but he doesn’t read as much as I do. I got some good recommendations, too…and we also talked about BookCrossing, which I’ve started doing.

All in all it was a good day. We headed out later that evening, before Party of Greg left the park, because we wanted to play in the evening Bridge tourney online. And that is the end of the long weekend posts. 🙂