The Long Weekend – Sunday night

We met up with Colleen at the casino. After some brief discussion, we headed to the shuttle to SummerFest, by way of my car to drop things off. We had two shows in mind: Will Durst, a political comedian, at 7pm and Moby, a musician, at 10pm. I had never been to SummerFest before, and I was shocked at how big it was. The shuttle from the Pot was definitely a good idea. It provided a nice, cool, ride with no parking hassle. We got dropped off at the south gate of Festival Park, which was conveniently near the Will Durst show at Jojo’s Martini Lounge. Admission to the “lounge” (really a big tent) was free, but you had to show ID. Of the three of us, I was the only one that got a 21+ bracelet after being carded. I’m still young enough to look under 21! Yay!

JoJo’s had a bar to the left of the entrance with tall tubes of color that turned out to be martini mixer/dispensers. There were also a number of small cocktail-style tables and chairs surrounding a set of level bleachers and eventually the main stage. To the right was a row of port-o-potties and portable sinks. Scott asked me if I wanted a martini. Now, if there is one alcoholic drink I’m a sucker for, it’s a girlytini…that is, a flavored martini drink. JoJo’s had several varieties of the girlytini: Cosmopolitan, Electric Raspberrytini, Tony Martini, Appletini, Chocolatini, and the Summertimetini. Colleen got a Chocolatini. I got an Appletini. Scott got an Electric Raspberrytini. We all sampled each other’s drinks. Colleen and I both liked mine the best. Scott liked the Chocolatini.

We found seats in the bleachers for the Will Durst show. Colleen said she’d need a beer chaser for her martini, and Scott offered to go back to the bar and get her a beer. I told him to go ahead and get me a fresh Appletini while he was up, because mine was almost done. When he got back, he finished off Colleen’s ‘tini for her and she continued with beer. I finished my second Appletini during the comedy show. Will Durst was very funny, but I was fidgety throughout the show.

Readers with long memories may recall that Scott and I had both skipped lunch. We were now both well-doused in martini…he’d had 1.5, and I’d had 2. About midway through the Durst show, I had the effect that I’ve heard people talk about…that being where you’re drinking and you’re fine, still fine…definitely fine…and then BAM! The drink hits you like a ton of bricks, and you’re wondering how everything got blurry. That was how it hit me…sudden and buzzyriffic. So, I *really* enjoyed the show.

Post-Durst, Scott and I were starving. I got up just before the show ended to make a run for the PottyLine before the rush hit. I actually managed to get in pretty quickly, and I was very thankful for the portable sinks as well as the blue magic stuff that makes the Potty not so Potty-smelling. Then, we headed for the food. I had wanted to get dinner at the Pot before we went to SummerFest, but Scott went on and on about how you should eat there because food’s a big thing…and I’m like, it’s going to cost a ton…but he talked me into it.

We started with a ribs stand. We split a half rack of ribs. Then, I spotted a stand with chocolate covered strawberries and cherry cordials, and I received permission from Scott to cheat on the diet. (The funny part of that is that the martinis were far far worse than any dessert I could have gotten.) In fact, he gave me 40 bucks (that I tucked into my bra for safekeeping, happily drunk enough not to care that I was doing it in front of someone I had only met once before) and told me I could buy whatever I wanted with it. 🙂 So, I got us one giant strawberry coated in dark chocolate (actually allowed on South Beach) and one cherry cordial. Both were delicious and well worth the money. Then, we spotted the sky glider: a big ski lift/gondola thing that takes you from one end of the park to the other about 2-3 stories above the park. I totally wanted to go, and I was just drunk enough to not be nervous about it. Colleen suggested that we walk to the other end of the park and then pick it up to come back, but the line was short so we decided to go from the south to the north. We had a kabob from another stand first, and Colleen finished her beer (she might have gotten another one at some point or that might have been the first one…not sure). Then, up we went!

That’s us in the gondola. I took a picture using the Motorola E815, coming soon to a store near you. It’s cropped oddly because of my bad photo technique doing a self-portrait. 🙂

Just before the glider was to begin the descent, we stopped. Scott explained that this happens often, usually because someone was having trouble getting on or off…like someone with crutches. So, with my hands white-knuckling on the bar, we waited. And waited. And waited. Colleen timed it. We were stopped for eight minutes. We have no idea why, but it did start up again, and we reached the ground safely and at the proper velocity. We started our walk back. Scott stopped at a vendor to get a brat and a cup of wine. I skipped the brat…not a food I enjoy. We still had a long time before the Moby concert started, so we took our time walking back. We gossiped about Bridge and the people who play Bridge and life and our relationships and such. We looked at the vendors. And eventually, we made our way back to the martini lounge, by way of a roasted nut vendor from whom I purchased a medium bag of salted almonds that was HUGE. Still, being at the lounge meant more ‘tini. I decided to try a Summertimetini. Colleen got another beer. Scott got a chocolatini. We sat at a cocktail table and chatted while drinking. Then, we went outside because I wanted to get this nail file made of glass that I’d seen at a vendor. But, before we got there, we saw a putting challenge where you could win a car if you putted onto an island. We skipped that, but we watched other people try it and enjoyed the lake breeze. We also decided that we needed more drinks, so I retrieved a twenty from my bra and sent Scott off to fetch us another round. I switched back to appletinis, and he got another chocolatini.

I should mention that the chocolatinis definitely tasted strong, but Scott, like me, is a sucker for a girlytini, and the flavor of chocolate hides the flavor of alcohol nicely. Anywho, more drinking, more chatting…and I bought a green glass nail file and immediately filed a nail that had been annoying the crap out of me for most of the day. Then, it was time for the Moby show, so we headed in that direction. Even though we got there about a half hour early, it was still uber-crowded. We negotiated with a bunch of guys to get to sit on and use the edge of a picnic table as our space. Scott and I were both pretty toasty drunk. I was looking forward to finding out exactly what Moby does onstage, because he’s not a singer or anything…and his songs are often mixes of him doing various tracks..and live, he can’t be everywhere at once.

Unfortunately, even before the concert started, I couldn’t see the stage at all, even standing on the picnic bench. Scott kept having to go to the bathroom, and at one point, I noticed that he had been gone for 3 songs. Moby songs aren’t short, so that had me worried. I called his cell, and he said he was feeling sick but he was on his way back to us. Still, not long after he got back, he went back to the bathroom again, and he seemed feverish while he was with me. I lived in New Orleans long enough to know what alcohol sickness looks like, so I didn’t let much time pass before I asked Colleen if she’d mind walking with me over to the bathrooms and waiting for him and then leaving when he got out. She was understanding and also offered up her place to crash so we wouldn’t have to drive home. (She rules, btw…not just for that but in general…was really glad we got to hang out with her for awhile.)

I called Scott to let him know we were coming, and he said he hadn’t gotten sick yet but he felt like he would. He came out not long after we got there, and I urged him to drink water. Drinking cold water when you’re sick-drunk accomplishes two things: it makes you flush out the alcohol and it keeps you from getting dehydrated. You either get rid of the liquor by the normal way or the reverse way, but either way, you feel better once it’s done. He drank from the water fountains and then went back to the bathroom.

Colleen and I waited on these chairs with foot massagers, and a couple of fine young gentlemen purchased foot massages for us. (Maybe it is true that you get hotter if you get drunk. 😉 ) But, they seemed to lose interest once I started taking care of my drunk-sick fiance again. I told him we were leaving and found out if he was okay to walk. He seemed mostly okay. I made him drink more water, and he leaned on me to walk out. We found our way to the Pot shuttle pick-up area, and Scott immediately made use of the concrete sidewalk as a bed. Colleen and I sat down next to him and chatted about drunkenness. Eventually the shuttle came, and we got Scott on-board and into a seat. He half-slept for most of the ride…I’m sure the world was spinning. By this time, I was pretty sober, as I’m one of those annoying people who neither have bad effects nor have any trouble shaking off the drunkenness when needed.

When we got out of the bus at Potawatomi, Scott stretched out on the ground again and told me to leave him and go get the car. Being that I love him and being that the Pot (like most casinos) isn’t exactly in a great area, I said there was no way I was leaving him. Colleen offered to go get her car and pick us up, so that he could stay laying and I could stay with him. I spent most of the time while waiting with my hands on my keys ready to defend my sweetie if needed. I mean, there were plenty of security nearby, but there’s also quite a few poker players that may or may not love my sweetie as much as I do…not to mention plenty of people who know he tends to have a load of cash on him. So, I was nervous. Colleen picked us up a little bit later, and she gave me brief directions to her house just in case we got separated. I left Scott in her car and drove mine to follow her. Scott was pretty oblivious, although I’m sure he was mainly just trying to not get sick until he was somewhere that was safe. It worried me for most of the drive that he’d get sick in her car…but he didn’t.

When we pulled up to her house, her fratboy neighbors that she’d complained to us about earlier were apparently having a fun evening as well…one of them was pissing on a bush in her yard. She got Scott out of the car and leaned him against a post while she told me where to park and got me situated. I got my shopping out of the car and guided Scott inside. Scott’s immediate need was for the bathroom, so Colleen hurried her sweetie (David) out of the bathroom, where he was getting ready for work. It was kinda funny. Scott rushed into the bathroom, was like “Hi, Dave.” as David left, and then Scott turned to the toilet and went Bleaaahhh. 🙂 Heh. Okay, maybe it’s only funny to me. For the sake of my stomach, I closed the door behind him and apologized to our hosts, who were totally forgiving and cool. David headed out to work not long thereafter, and Colleen and I got Scott into bed. She and I sat on the porch outside and chatted awhile longer while I had a soda and some water, and then we both crashed…I cleaned up the bathroom before I went to bed because…well, because. Scott had stolen the pillows, so I curled up pillow-less and waited for sleep. I didn’t sleep very well, but only because my mind was rushing along without me. I think I played like 20 hands of Bridge in my head. 😉 At some point, Scott drifted into lucidity long enough for us to talk about whether we wanted to sleep the night or leave midway through and head home. Oh, and he was awake enough to give me a pillow. We opted for staying the night, and after that, I managed to really get to sleep. It was also reassuring to see him doing better. He had the sweat of the drunk going full-strength, but he wasn’t feverish anymore…a good sign.

Oh, and I was really happy I had shopped, because in the morning, I had everything I needed for clothes except for underwear…so I just went commando after my shower.