Fictional Character Lover Meme

List ten fictional characters you would have sex with, and then tag five friends.
(jacked from hlynna)
(and I’ll be skipping the tagging part as my blog isn’t LJ-centric anymore, so all y’all feel free to meme away…)
(These are not in any particular order.)

* Draco Malfoy (from Draco Veritas or other various fanfic and/or the HP books)
* Roux (from Chocolat)
* Satan/Parry (from the Incarnations of Immortality series)
* Aragorn (from Lord of the Rings, but only movie Aragorn…book Aragorn is a dweeb…well, movie Aragorn is, too, I guess, but at least I know that he’s hott, too)
* Q (from ST: TNG…yep, the whole darn continuum…booya!)
* Maureen Johnson (from Robert Heinlein’s Future History books)
* Sawyer (from Lost)
* Willow (from BtVS)
* Thomas Crown (from The Thomas Crown Affair)
* Tyler Durden (Fight Club…double-imaginary score!)

And, like my darling associate, I tried to keep variety to the list by not taking from the same actor, author, or fandom.