The Long Weekend

To save your Friends list (or feed or whatever) from a really long post, I’m going to break this into multiples. Also so that I don’t spend the next 2 hours of work writing, although I probably could as my manager cancelled our morning meeting due to his wife being in labor. 😉

We’ll start with Friday. I left work a little early so that we could play disc golf (which I still call frisbee golf) and play Bridge. In Bridge, Scott won an individual tourney we played online, and I finished high enough to win some points, but just barely…and mainly because of the round we played together. Still, I think I have somewhere in the area of 41 or 42 points now, which is pretty cool. Oh yeah! We also went grocery shopping, to get soda and cat food and grillable stuff. I grilled us dinner on the deck. We took the leftover grillables with us on Saturday, and that will be the next post.

I wanted to mention here also that I’m having some work listlessness. I’m a little overwhelmed right now, in part thanks to HR not getting the intern crap taken care of and instead making our admin jump through twenty million hoops to get it done through a contract service…it’s like, hello, HR…your one job is to hire and fire…can you not handle that? Anyways, because I’m feeling overwhelmed, it’s harder to do the things I need to do, because I feel like I’m barely putting a dent into the overall pile. I also don’t really like doing what feels like busywork, and much of this feels like busy work, even though it does serve a purpose. If I had 2 weeks of not doing anything else to catch up, I probably could…but then I’d be behind on the other stuff, and most of it can’t be put on hold anyways.

Oh, and by the way, August is going to be an extremely hectic month for us, and I’m betting July won’t go as slowly as I wish it would!