The Long Weekend – Saturday

Before I continue, here is the schedule that we had for this past weekend:

Saturday: all-day gaming/grilling in Waukegan with friends
Sunday: Drive to Milwaukee, drop off Scott at casino, I go to David’s in Brookfield to pick up the Best Woman dress, then go shop while Scott plays poker, then meet up with some Bridge friends to go to Summerfest
Monday: Meet up with Greg/wife-of-Greg/nephew-of-Greg to go to Six Flags for awhile, then see swing concert with Lori/Rob in a park

Isn’t there some saying about the best made plans going awry or something?

Anyways, Saturday…

We woke up early enough to have some relaxing time before leaving, watching Scrubs and having pre-marital relations. It also gave us enough time to pack up 2 crates of games as well as a lunchbox of grillables (4-pack burgers, 8 weenies) and low-carb goodies (sugar free chocolate bars, etc.). We stopped briefly at Quizno’s for lunch before heading out to Waukegan. Although our house is only 3 miles from the house we were going to, it was seven miles of driving to get there. Having wondered for a long time why we often have to take odd routes to get to places in this general part of town, we finally poked around on the GPS and realized there are only so many places to cross the river. You know, that river that flooded and caused our little town/’burb to be on CNN for awhile. So, because of the river crossings, we often end up going north, crossing the river, continuing east, then south and back west again. This is how a three mile distance takes seven miles of travel. 😉

This group that we were gaming with is an awesome group of people, for sure…but it’s always a little odd, because they clearly know each other better than we know them or they know us. This is something that can only be remedied with time, but it makes the first part of hanging out a little awkward. There were also toddlers and kidfolk present, which I don’t mind as much as many of my childfree brethren, but well…I’m pretty awkward with kids anyways. Super awkward powers engage! 😉 Fortunately, games solve all things, including awkward meetings. We started out playing a cute/simple card game called Greed, which involved trying to move around on a board using cards. It was mostly silly, and Scott won. While we were playing, more gamers arrived, and as they were of the crayon gamer bent, we introduced them to Russian Rails. That pretty much occupied the afternoon. A four player crayon game generally takes four hours. I think this one ran closer to five, but that often happens with a rail game where some players aren’t familiar with the geography of the area to be played. We also bailed about 4 turns from the end, because I had the loads in hand to win with money to spare…that is, I would most likely be winning regardless of disasters drawn during those turns. We ate some grill food while playing and had more after the game ended.

The next game we decided to play was Puerto Rico, a perennial favorite, and that was followed by Metro. Scott won Puerto Rico, and I won the Metro game, which honestly shocked me because two of my trains got 2-spot scores early on, and I only had one train that was really active. It happened at the end though that a piece Scott was forced to play worked really well for me, and I shot out to a huge lead as a result. Metro’s a fun game, but if I had been the person who had been winning up to that point, it would have been really painful to lose that one, as my win was far more luck than anything. The Puerto Rico game was really close between all four of us, but PR tends to be that way. Scott played a good game in spite of obstacles, so he definitely earned the win on that one.

We also had a Cat’s Cradle-making lesson for awhile with yarn, as I started trying to make one during the Puerto Rico game and couldn’t remember some of the critical steps. I also found out more about knitting…which I really would love to take up, but it’s an idle time activity, and I’m not sure I have time when my hands are idle to do it. I’m afraid it would end up being yet another home project that I start and never finish…like learning physics, writing up our Ireland travelogue, sorting and album-ing photographs, organizing movie ticket stubs into a history, etc. It’d be really cool to be able to knit my own Slytherin scarf though. 🙂 Or a Weasley sweater. 🙂

Ooh! One thing I forgot to mention…I’ve started listening to Nine FM, which is one of those stations that has popped up that “plays anything.” They take requests for any song, any genre, any decade. The result is a radio station that sounds like someone’s iPod put on Shuffle. Well, during the weekend, they put their theoretical iPod on Alphabetical. They played every song they had from A to Z. When we left the Quizno’s toward Waukegan, they were on “G” (Get Up Get Busy, Gettin’ Jiggy With It). As we drove home, they were early into the I’s.

When we started driving to Milwaukee on Sunday, they were on L, but that will be another post later on today, probably during my next meeting. 😉