Week in a Nutshell

Work work work, sleep, work work work, Wing Tuesday!, sleep, wake at 4am, fly to NJ, meet with people, booze/schmooze expensive dinner, more booze, bocce ball schmooze, watch TV, sleep, ginger snaps and tea flown in from CA (because we are kiss-asses), meet meet meet, eat pizza (bad low carber me as if expensive dinner’s desserts weren’t bad enough), sugar free dilly bar at DQ (yay! good low carber!), fly to IL, see sweetie, kiss/hug/Hooters, drive home, Pistons lose (boo!), pet ChooChoo, pet Maggie, sleep…wake up, e-mail e-mail e-mail (500+ messages waiting on me from past 2 days, yay for filters!), meet meet meet…

later tonight: gaming
tomorrow: dress shopping, surprise party for co-worker at his home in Cary
Sunday: ?? TBD