So I made an appointment with a dressmaker in Mundelein (about 5 mins from my work, about 20 mins from home) for next Monday to talk about that option and get an idea of price. I figure we can talk about making the idea I’ve got from scratch or possibly ordering the David’s dress as a framework and then just working with it.

The cool part about doing it from scratch, IMO, is that I can get the dress in any color I want…so like maybe a more gold color with burgundy sash…and I can get the sash design to be however I want it to be, too, so maybe instead of the cumberbund look, I go with something more like this (which is actually an even better example of how the sash effect ends up being in the back) or this (which I actually think will look good on me also…with the wider “belt” on the sides). I’m getting excited now. 🙂 I feel like I have a good concept at this point at least…now I’m just kinda pricing out my options.