Miscellaneous Weekend Blogging

The Milwaukee dress excursion was actually quite productive. You can read about it a little here. To sum up:

* Bridal Magic – Turned out to have all of TWO dress samples in sizes greater than 14. Neither were ones I’d want to wear.
* David’s Bridal (Brookfield) – Very awesome, were extremely friendly even though they were crazy busy. Bought the Best Woman dress there, which will be the seemingly horrid dress I posted but in black (as they now make it in black…sweet!). It actually looks kinda good on me once it’s the right size and pinned up for the straps and all of that. David’s is currently altering it. It will be ready for me on the 3rd. Total cost: $180, but honestly, I do think I’ll be able to wear it again for social occasions if the need presents itself. Maybe. It still isn’t my taste, but the tiers at the bottom do some nice things for me. Certainly, I’ve heard of people getting hit worse for being in a wedding party as far as dress cost goes. Anyways, the link that is the second sentence of this post mainly talks about David’s, so I won’t talk about it again here.
* Eva’s Bridal – Looked like a fairly big store, but it was in the ghetto of Milwaukee…one of those historic areas that has turned into a crapfest. I was scared to park my car, plus there was no parking because of a street fair. The window said “Moving to a new location!” and it honestly looked like they were mostly packed up, which was another reason not to bother stopping. I was also running late and had promised Dennis I’d help with some rallye stuff, so I blew it off.

So, yeah, net effect of my trip to Milwaukee was going to David’s, which I could have done just as easily about 30 minutes from here (Brookfield is 45-60 minutes away)…but at least this way, I wasn’t dealing with the same girls who are probably beginning to think I’m crazy a little, because I keep going back even though they never have exactly what I want. And, FWIW, this David’s seemed much more…fluid. I mean, they’re basically willing to rip apart a design and make it different. The other David’s in Vernon Hills wasn’t even willing to remove a train from a dress.

But, I digress. My purpose was to discuss the weekend as a whole, not to ramble about wedding-y stuff.

On Friday night, I went down to Schaumburg to go to Frederick’s. I decided that before I go spend $300+ on a corset, I needed to try on a cheaper variant and see if it really does anything for me. Result is that it does do stuff for me, and especially given an underbust or overbust-with-cups style (as the corset makers are recommending), I think it’s a worthy investment. I did buy the $60 dream corset from Fredericks that all brides seem to recommend, but I’m going to get Scott to help me try putting it on as an underbust style…and if I can’t do that with it, I’ll return it. Reason being that it makes my boobs nonexistent…I could totally pass for a boy with it on. A fat curvy boy, but a boy. 🙂

I also noticed that Talbot’s was having a sale, and I was tempted, but I blew it off because I have a $25 gift certificate for Talbot’s at home, and I wanted to use that. I figured if I had time on Saturday, I’d go to my favorite Talbot’s in Deer Park and go nuts. 🙂 (Note: I didn’t have time on Saturday.) I did go a little crazy at the Apple store. I bought ipod mini cases in colors and an ipod mini dock (to use at work b/c I’ve started listening to ipod often while there) and spare charger. Then, I went to the Pacific buffet on Dundee, figuring I’d have a good Chinese buffet dinner before heading back up to Gurnee. The price wasn’t posted for the buffet, but I didn’t worry about it much…most buffets for dinner are reasonable. Turns out it was $19. And it was a really crappy buffet. It did not justify the cost with seafood or sushi or anything. There was no real reason for the cost at all. Grr. I really ate alot though, even though there were only like three things that they had that I wanted to eat. I had broccoli chicken, teriyaki chicken, and BBQ pork.

So, I’ve been gaining weight instead of losing it lately, which annoys the crap out of me, but it’s my own fault as I’ve been totally lax about what I’ve been eating and not eating for several weeks now, and I think it’s finally catching up to me. Still depressing though…both because of the gain of 3 lbs and the fact that I’m obsessing over three pounds. Dude, I lost like 40 pounds…three is less than ten percent of that. And I used to not care about this. It’s hard to say that I was happier then…but to some extent, ignorance was blissful.

I’ve talked about Saturday dress shopping. What I didn’t mention is that on Friday night, Dennis sent out an e-mail that he needs help with games for the rallye and you can help and still run the rallye. So, I volunteered. But then it turned out that he needed help with a checkpoint…which I wouldn’t have minded at all except that I had told Tracey and Ken that I was running the rallye and invited them to run it with me. So I felt bad because now I was roped into doing a checkpoint and could still run the rallye but not really seriously (or competitively) because an hour or more would go toward working the checkpoint. Fortunately, they rock, and were totally willing to run the rallye as mad cheater rallyists. We left the start point early, ran the part up until the checkpoint, stopped, did checkpoint for an hour or so, and then completed the rallye. We did not turn in our scoresheet so as to not confuse the issue…and also because we knew we weren’t doing it very seriously. But we did get to do the rallye a little. I think they had fun with the checkpoint, too, which is cool. I was having fun also, because I rarely get to work checkpoints being the rallye-competitive-git that I am. 🙂

Today, I was going to go buy a grill, but practicality set in…not sure I could move it to the deck on my own, and based on the reviews my dad sent me, the best grill for me may be at Lowe’s, and there’s no Lowe’s near here. There is one I keep hearing good things about at Home Depot though. I don’t know. Grill TBD. There is cleaning that needs to happen and a poker tournament (freeroll) at 2pm. I also should eat at some point, I suppose. Need to figure out what the plan is there.