And in the bridal corner…

I’ll be going to Milwaukee on Saturday to sample the gowns of the Wisconsinites. Why Milwaukee? Because it’s easier to get to than Chicago, and while there last weekend, I found a bridal guide that listed like three different stores that specifically mention having plus-size/full-figure samples in their ads and had models that did not look…well, like models. This is contrasted with the stores that will mark that they have full-figure samples in a chart but their ads show some size 2 chick in a couture gown and mention none of the code words for “we can deal with fat gals.”

For those who are curious, sample code phrases include:
* Full-figure
* Plus-size
* “No matter your size or shape, we have the perfect gown for you!”
* All women welcome
* We cater to real women with real bodies

All of that roughly translates to “you fat, we happy.” 😉

Oh, and I also made an appointment with a David’s that is a block away from one of the stores I’m going to…because I’m obsessed. 🙂 And because I got an e-mail that they have new styles in the stores, but those styles won’t be on the web for another week.