Disc Golf

Have I mentioned that I’ve become a disc golf addict? We got into it because…well, actually it’s a long story, and I guess this is a post all on its own. I’ll cover the other stuff I was going to talk about later.

When we were planning our road rallye this year, we needed a bathroom break at one point in Buffalo Grove…or maybe Schaumburg. At any rate, we stopped at a White Hen. The White Hen did not have bathrooms, so we went to the Baskin Robbins next door…but then we needed soda and snackages, so we went back to the White Hen. While wandering in the Hen, we saw that they had a selection of frisbees (yeah, copyright people, you can bite my ass…it’s like kleenex…you lost your rights, my friends, by becoming too popular) and a map of the nearby disc golf courses. We started talking about it and agreed that we’d both like to play. Scott did some research and found out what frisbees would be good to buy as starters, and he found the course near our house. So, a few weeks later, we were good to go.

Disc golf costs like under twenty bucks to get into (cost of frisbees). You get to walk around, and you can finish nine “holes” in an hour, which makes it a perfect post-work activity during the long days of summer. It’s also just competitive enough to make me want to get better but not so much that I get pissed off when Scott beats me. We’re also giving me a 2 shot handicap for now, because between height and my girly arms, I’m at a bit of a disadvantage. There’s no women’s’ tees in disc golf (yet). ๐Ÿ™‚ I saw a gal playing with guys though and she was kicking their asses. I’m getting better, too. I have to focus on letting go at the right time and throwing such that it stays parallel. My shots often angle up and then either blow back or basically stop.

So, we’ve gone golfing a bunch lately…it’s the latest thing for me, not that I’m not still playing Bridge, doing my Buff Bride workouts, and a million other little things. ๐Ÿ™‚