Breaking the silence

If you’re wondering why I haven’t written, it’s because until now, I haven’t been in front of a computer long enough to do so at any point since my last post.

We had our usual poker game on Friday night, although it was a bit smaller than normal due to the holiday weekend. We ended up doing a few fairly quick tournament format events rather than our usual format. The same two people won all events, I believe, and we weren’t either of the two! 🙂 We think folks still managed to have a good time. I also got to do some more wedding chatting with Lori, which was fun, including showing her the pictures from the second shopping trip. She was also a fan of the unhemmable dress that is actually hemmable. I also found out recently from Andrew (Man of Honor!) (and, btw, you totally have to say that in a booming super-hero voice) that a friend (or possibly relative) of his bride-to-be wore the same dress in her wedding. He said he was convinced that the train was detachable, because in the pictures from the reception, it looks like it has no train at all. I think there must be a way to bustle it into nothingness. So…that one is definitely a front-runner right now. Lori and I planned a shopping trip to hit the Gurnee area stores in a few weeks. I’m not going to decide for certain for awhile still, I’m sure. When one is spending that much money on a dress, it should be a long thought-about decision, methinks.

As for the rest of the weekend, I played several hundred (possibly in the thousands actually) hands of Duplicate Bridge. There was a sectional in Lake Geneva this past weekend with knock-outs that (for once) were well timed for us. So, we spent the weekend in Lake Geneva playing bridge. On Saturday, we made it to the semi-final round. We took a long break for dinner, during which we discovered the Best. Wings. Ever! There’s a place called Mac’s roadhouse co-located with the Best Western that overlooks Lake Geneva. They have roughly 26 varieties of wings, and the wings are meaty and cheap. It’s around 50 cents a wing on a normal night or Monday is 25 cent wing night. We ate wings all three nights, sampling a variety of flavors. Another bonus is that the wings come with “dividers” in the form of piles of carrots and celery, so you can get a veggie fix from the platter, too. It also has a great view of the lake. Anyways, I also did some shopping at a plus size store there. I managed to pick up a few good summer tops for work, which is the latest issue for me. I have several casual summer tops, but my work-level summer top supply is minimal. There’s a good reason for that. I only get to wear summer tops for like 3 months. 🙂

I should also mention that this weekend meant we were up at 7am every day and often not home and in bed until midnight. Bridge is mentally tiring, too, so while it was loads of fun, frequent long breaks were a necessity. Fortunately, the schedule allowed for that.

On Sunday, we played another knock-out and came in second. We were 5 IMPs away from winning the final round, which is really close. We were playing in the middle bracket, too, so our opponents were good. One of our teammates has 1000+ masterpoints, so that’s how we ended up in a higher bracket than normal. Anyways, it was fun, and I fulfilled my silver masterpoint requirement for the time being.

As for Monday, we got to sleep in until 9am at least. Then, we met up with the same random couple we played with on Saturday for a Swiss team event. We did not do very well there, but we got a minimal amount of points anyways. Some of that was our fault and some was our teammates, who were novices. We then went back for more wings (25 cent wing night!) with the directors from the tournament and spent the hour or so chatting about tournament logistics.

I should also mention that we got a chunk of sugar-free fudge that I am still convinced will last us a week, even though we’re probably 60% done with it now. It is delicious. I tried putting a chunklet of fudge on a slice of banana, but it doesn’t work as well as one would hope.

Today, I work. The pile is not quite as bad as expected from the weekend, but as we’re going to Vegas this weekend for a 4-day weekend, it’s a short week for me and I must be efficient. That’s why I’m blogging during work, right? 😉